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-Dr. Robert R. Ramirez

How My Practice Is Different From The Rest

I run a micro-practice.  It is not for everyone.  There are many differences between going to a "large clinic" and what I offer.  Take a few minutes to see if working with me is right for you.


I feel so much better with lots more energy

Three years ago, I was so tired and forgetful with zero energy. After stepping foot in your office, I'm now on my to feeling AWESOME! I feel so much better with lots more energy.

Juanita M.

I can't say enough how this has improved the quality of my life . .

When I first came to see Dr. Robert I was a mess. I had pain everywhere and could not sleep or get comfortable. I had headaches all the time and in general felt lousy. Now I am pain free at most of the time. When I get sleep I get restful sleep and not just tossing and turning all night. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and this has really helped these symptoms, too. I can’t say enough for how this has improved my quality of life.

I know that through a mutual friend, God sent me to Dr. Robert and I thank Him everyday! I was truly at the end of my rope, as they say. I was afraid that there was not any help for me. God and Dr. Robert changed that for me!

Benita M

I have been able to run again, exercise, and I don't worry about my neck

I had severe neck pain. I could not carry on any normal activities. I was always in pain. When I found Dr. Rob I was relieved of my pain, even on the first visit. Since starting care I have been able to run again, exercise and I don't worry about my neck. I'm not worried about doing anything like before. I am so truly blessed that I found him. He is friendly, kind and he answered all my questions. He will help you.

Deborah H.

I am really pleased with my results

Prior to seeing Dr. Rob some of my physical conditions that were a constant annoyance were a chronic pain in my right hip, sore and tired ankles, a sore neck, and a chronic sinus congestion that I have for over ten years that caused restriction in my breathing. I have noticed a major difference in all areas of affliction, and to my surprise I can breathe without any nose spray or decongestants. I am really pleased with my results and look forward to the future.

Joe M.

Dr. Rob's care has changed my life!

DR. ROB'S CARE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! It resolved chronic left neck pain and arm numbness, lower back pain, PMS, ear pain, and urinary frequency. Sometimes the pain from these conditions was mild and sometimes severe. I have more energy and feel my chronic fatigue has mostly been resolved.

Carolyn G.

Even after the first adjustment I noticed a big difference in how I felt

I started coming to see Dr. Rob because I was having chronic neck and back pain from an auto accident a few years ago. Even after the first adjustment I noticed a big difference in how I felt. Since continuing care I have noticed over time how the neck and back pain have resolved. It has been a really great experience.

Elizabeth P

He is always there for his patiens...

Dr. Rob gave me my life back after trying everything possible to help with horrible gastrointestinal problems nutritional deficiencies autoimmune issues and even with a rare disease called CVID Common Variable Immune Deficiency. I was so impressed with his compassion, understanding and going above and beyond to help me as that simply does not exist in the medical field. He is always there for his patients and I feel blessed to be treated by him!

Rashan B.

The biggest change has been my migraines going away..

Before coming to Dr. Rob I had multiple issues with gastroenteritis, a lot of back pain and migraines. Once I started coming to Dr. Rob I was able to get rid of all of these. I am now able to enjoy my life again. The biggest change has been my migraines going away. Before seeing Dr. Rob they used to rule my life.

Victoria G

He takes as much time as necessary with me

Dr. Rob has helped relieve pain in my back multiple times. Every trip to his office has been pleasant and enjoyable. He takes as much time as necessary with me and is sure to thoroughly explain everything to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Rob.

John B

Upper Cervical Chiropractic

I have been practicing gentle upper cervical chiropractic for over 15 years successfully to get people off the pathway of chronic pain and back on their pathway to the life they were created for. . .

Functional Neurology

 Alzheimer's, Dementia, early neurodegeneration, memory loss, brain fatigue etc. are an epidemic in today's world. Give your brain the care it needs now so it will serve you through out you life span . . .

Functional Medicine

While Brain & Spinal Care is the foundation of the care I provide, I also offer:

  • Functional Nutrition
  • PEMF Therapy
  • Hyperbaric Therapy

Services & Fees

There is no one size fits all care plan.  The type of care, therapies and frequency I recommend will be based on your specific needs. This section will give you an overview of the different services I offer and associated fees. . .

Ready To Schedule Your First Appointment

I hate wasting your time.  To ensure you get the most out of your first visit, I start with a 15-20 minute phone consultation.  This will help me determine how much time and what level of exam will be needed for your first visit.  To get started with your complementary Phone consult

I was skeptic that his gentle procedure would be effective...

I've spent years in chiropractic offices and Dr. Rob is the best!! I Was skeptic that his gentle procedure would be effective....as in the past, I have always been "cracked". This is approach is so painless and soothing, I look forward to his office visits! And, he is reasonable and honest about when you need to visit....not just "selling" as most do! A very pleasant experience that really works!!!

Barbara G

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