Believe me....I understand what you are going through

Not to long ago my health went into a free fall.  It took over a year and several specialists to figure out that I had been infected with Lyme.  By the time we got the appropriate diagnosis, so much damage had been done.  Both to my body and my life.  I had to close my practice because I could not function.  I had lost short term and long term memory.  I could not remember my patients names or why they were in my office.  I only had enough energy to do light activities for only about 2 hrs a day.  I was having severe Deja Vu episodes, panic attacks, and depression swings were I would get suicidal.  We had to sell our home, move into a small apartment with our two kids, and I couldn't work.  Now I had plenty of free time, but I couldn't even enjoy just hanging out with my kids, because their precious voices sounded like a war explosions going off in my head.  So I spent most of my time secluded in my bedroom wondering how much longer I had to suffer before it would all just end.

All this from a Lyme infection and its little friends.  My wife and I had been consulting with 5 different Lyme experts around the country.  They were all great doctors, and they did the best they could.  But, what each one kept telling my wife was "your husband is one of the most difficult cases I have ever seen."  Every one of their "PROTOCOLS" did solve a piece of the equation for me. However, I would start to get better, then I would crash.  

‚ÄčOne of the biggest frustrations I hear when meeting a new patient is "Doctors aren't listening"

Although the doctors were competent in their field of study and they were doing their best,  they were NOT listening to MY story.  They weren't getting to know ME.  They were missing out on the clues that were embedded into the story of my life, that lead me down this path I was on.  In between the crashes of feeling like I was getting better to feeling like I was back to square one, I would learn a little more.  I can't say I did it all on my own, but I discovered a pathway to recovering that was sustainable and working for ME!  My biggest revelation is this:  The PROTOCOL is THERE ARE NO PROTOCOLS.  Oh sure using a "protocol" may help some people and can be a good starting point,  but when you are dealing with a tough case, and I don't care what it is called: Lyme, Neurodegeneration, Auto immune disease, chronic pain, etc.,  the Pathway that will lead to YOUR recovery will be different than someone else with the same condition.  Based on Your story, Your life, and Your clues.  I now use what I learned in my own recovery, following Pathways, to help those with the toughest conditions.

There was a time when the family doctor really knew You.

The doctor not only knew you, but knew about your family and what was going on in your life.  He made house calls, or you went to his house. He was like part of your family and you were part of his.  He took the time to get to  know your story and the subtle clues that tells him how to adjust the "protocol" and create a specific pathway for you.  That is what I aim to bring back.  

My patients have always said I listened to them when other doctors just ran them through their clinic, but now having gone through my own life changing experience -it has ignited a passion in me to raise the bar.

The Challenge with Today's Healthcare Model....

Large clinics/ hospitals have huge overheads and need to meet budgets to stay open.  Add to that insurance based care - meaning the care you receive is based on what insurance will cover.  Next, you have long wait times and very little doctor face to face time.  The end result is you get very little care for the money you spend.  Its not fun for the doctor either.  Early on I build a large upper cervical chiropractic clinic in Northwest Houston.  Even with hiring an additional doctor, we had to have our patient visit times down to 7.5 minutes.    That's right 7.5 minutes to see a patient and stay on schedule.  Sure, we helped tons of people but I lost a lot of what I went into practice for in the first place;  Helping patients AND developing relationships with my patients so I wouldn't miss those subtle clues in their lifestyle etc.  that could be indicators of a health disaster just down the path.

Enter the micropractice

A micropractice is a healthcare practice that generally runs with little or no staff and utilizes technology to keep overhead low which allows the doctor to see fewer patients and spend not just more but Quality time with each one.  I want to get to know you and your family and spend time developing relationships instead of the "treadmill" of production based model of healthcare.

I now have a home based practice.  There are so many advantages to this that you will benefit from.

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    Easy to schedule:  You can schedule online.  I also offer scheduling thru email, phone, or text.  Whichever is most convenient for YOU.
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    Easy to communicate: You can communicate with me directly through online patient portal, email, text, or phone.  I can usually repspond to your request or inquiry within an hour (EVEN after patient visit hours)
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    No long wait times:  IN FACT usually NO wait times.  I schedule ample time for our visits so we have time to get everything we need done.
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    Flexible appointment times: Although I have set patient hours, many times if you need to be seen outside of those hours I am able to accommodate you.  Just call, text, email etc. and I do my best to see you when it is convenient for YOU.
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    Home Visits:  Yes, your read right.  Home visits in 2017 in the greater Houston area. How Cool Is That!  
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    Virtual Visits:  For Functional Medicine, many follow ups to go over lab results, diet / nutrition recommendations, etc. can be done via online meeting so you don't have to leave work or the comfort of your home. 
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    Time:  Most of all you get QUALITY doctor time.  I will listen to your concerns and work hard for you. 

So come on over, Relax, and experience Cutting Edge Care Right at Home

Diana R

I was able to overcome anxiety, Vitamin deficiencies, and Lyme...


I initially went to see Dr. Rob for neck, shoulder, and back pain. After exams it was determined my head, shoulders, ribcage and hips were misaligned. Dr. Rob was able to gently restore my posture and I noticed and improvement in the first week. Through my journey with Dr. Rob I was able to overcome anxiety, vitamin deficiencies and Lyme. Dr. Rob is very knowledgeable and effective. I really would be in constant pain if it wasn't for his ability to see my issues and fix them. Thank you so much Dr. Rob!

Ready To Schedule Your First Appointment

I hate wasting your time.  To ensure you get the most out of your first visit, I start with a 15-20 minute discovery phone consultation.  This will help me determine how much time and what level of exam will be needed for your first visit.  To get started with your complementary Phone consult

The Different Hats of Dr. Robert R. Ramirez

We all wear different hats in our lives.  Here are a few of Dr. Ramirez' personal side.

Dr. Ramirez was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX.  He gained his work ethic from working in the family business of custom furniture manufacturing.  After graduation he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  He served as a Marine guard and with 1st Battalion 6th Marines during 1989-1993.  After establishing a large upper cervical practice in Houston, TX he sold the practice to his associate and moved his family to Tulsa, OK where he and his wife Leslie attended a 2 year bible college.  Since then both he and his wife love preaching whenever invited to to so.  He is kept on his toes by his two awesome Kids, Daniel and Ginger.  He is Happily Married to his wife Leslie, and life together has been an exciting ADVENTURE!  - with the exception of Lyme ; )